The following terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

Any customers orders containing special conditions will only be accepted by Heartwise, on the understanding that they do not conflict or vary from our own terms and conditions of sale

Terms & Conditions:

Cardiac rehabilitation Ltd are an Irish based company trading as Heartwise who comply with Irish consumer law. The terms & conditions set out by Sports Physio Supplies do not affect your statutory rights.

Tax Charges:

All prices quoted on Heartwise web site are shown exclusive of VAT which will be charged at the current rate at 23% with a selection of products holding a 0% VAT rating.


Delivery charges will apply to all orders unless previous arrangements have been made with Heartsiwe


We pride ourselves in providing a fast and effective service to all of our customers. If you are not satisfied that your goods have been delivered in less than perfect condition, you must contact us within 24 hours of order being delivered.


Product prices will be maintained but may be subject to price flux without the customer’s prior knowledge. Product prices on the date of dispatch will be the prices in which the customer will be invoiced for.

Heartwise retains the right to remove any products from their selection which is no longer available to supply or in which the current market conditions makes it no longer viable to supply a particular product to the market.

Reservation of Title:

Full ownership and rights of title for each product will not be given to the customer unless their account/invoice has been settled in full. Only then will the customer receive ownership status and rights of title.

Card Payments, Security & Privacy:

Heartwise accept most cards and bank transfers.  Exchange rates worldwide fluctuate therefore all payments made to Heartwise must be made in Euro only.

Every customer’s personal information is stored safe and secure.  Our customer’s telephone number will be supplied to our couriers to guarantee the arrival and receipt of your products from Heartwise. Our system is updated on a daily basis and if an item is seen to be out of stock, our system will inform us of such. Also if Heartwise  encounters a product availability problem, we will contact you regarding this.


Once Heartwise receive an order, it is processed immediately, under the condition that the requested products are in stock. Processed orders are generally dispatched on the same day for next day delivery from our courier. Heartwise generally deliver within 24/48 hours within receipt of your order but this may vary with international deliveies.

In the event that the item ordered from Heartwise is out of stock, we will place the item on a back order and it will be delivered to the customer when it once again becomes available.

Non Delivery:

If goods have not been delivered within 3 days of our customers placing their order with Heartwise  if we have not been informed immediately of any discrepancies regarding your order, we will therefore presume that the customer has received their requested order in full.


As stated in the consumer contract regulations, each customer has a “cooling off period” in which they have the ability to return their goods to Heartwise if they are not entirely satisfied with the products that have been delivered to them.

Customers must acknowledge that if they want to return an item in which they have previously purchased from Heartwise, then the products must be returned to us in a re-sellable condition and the returnee must pay all of the costs involved in returning the product to Heartwise. The customer must first contact Heartwise before returning any goods.

Cancellation of Orders:

With regards to the cancellation of orders, customers must notify Heartwise immediately and cancellations may be made only with a previous agreement made with the company.


All commodities contained on Heartwise website is sold under the condition that we cannot guarantee the user freedom from injury. This web site and the information, services, merchandise and materials contained on are provided on an “as is” foundation without any warranty.  Heartwise disclaims all representation and warranties, expressed or implied as to the operation of the website and the information, services, products and materials on this website, to the maximum degree permitted by relevant law. Under no conditions will Cardiac Rehabilitation Limited, trading as Heartwise,  be liable for damages of any kind arising from the use of this website or any goods or services obtained on this website, together with direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, special or punitive damages, to the fullest degree permitted by relevant law.

 Conditions For Use:

The information that is provided on Heartwise website must be used for informal purposes only thus it must not be used as a replacement for a Doctor or Physiotherapist appointment. The information supplied by Cardiac Rehabilitation Ltd, trading as Heartwise,  must not be used instead of advice provided by your healthcare professional. The material provided on Heartwise website cannot be used for diagnosis purposes or to treat any physical condition one might suffer from. We strongly advise that you are referred to us by a healthcare professional for the items you are purchasing.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Ltd trading as Heartwise, will not accept any responsibility for people who use this information in the wrong means or any type of diagnosis made with regards to the information provided on our website.

The reader accepts sole responsibility for all of the medical information related information provided on our website. Heartwise have tried to ensure the medical information provided on our website is as accurate as possible and updated regularly, although some details may become outdated. Customers must read all information provided to them by Heartwise  on behalf of the product manufacturers which is included with each product supplied by Heartwise before using them.

With regards to the treatment and diagnosis of one’s medical conditions, a prior appointment with your healthcare professional is highly recommended.


The material that appears on our website is our property of our product suppliers, we refuse permission for one to re-publish, modify, transfer or otherwise duplicate any information that Heartwise has supplied on this site. You may be exempt from this where you download material from our website for your own individual use. Except as otherwise specifically permitted under copy right law, no copying, redistribution for other uses than your own, re-transmission, publication or commercial misuse of downloaded material will be not be allowed without our direct permission and that of the copyright owner.